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Text Box: January  29 (Th)

Evolution Retreat
9-3pm @ St Stephen’s

January 30 (F)

Strings Retreat
9-3pm @ St Stephen’s
Magee Strings

February 6-7 (F-Sat)

Chamber Choir Retreat
St Stephen’s United Church

February 13 (F)

Magee Market Fair
@ Magee 
Admission by Donation

February 24 (Tu)

Chamber Choir Concert with Point Grey and Eric Hamber 
7:00pm @ Magee
Magee Chamber Choir 

February 26 (Th)

Massed Band Concert
7:00pm @ Magee Gym
Gr 8 band, Gr 9 Band, Mckechnie & Maple Grove & Osler Elementary Bands

March 1 (Su)

Farewell Concert for UK
1:00pm @ Magee
Magee Chamber Choir ,  String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble

March 4-13 

Senior Tour to England and Scotland

February is a very busy month. First the Chamber Choir will be having their annual retreat with Richard Nace on Friday and Saturday Feb 6-7. This is always an experience where the students come away on Saturday as changed students. Mr Nace is magical and really brings out the best in us all. It is also an opportunity for us to do some community building in the choral community as we invite teachers from across our district to do some free professional development on the Saturday from 1-3. Then the next week we have our Biggest Fundraiser of the year on Friday Feb 13th from 5:30-9:30, THE MAGEE MARKET FAIR!!! Yes, this is a super fun event where anyone is welcome and we turn our atrium and gym into a huge food and merchandising “night market” style of event! Lots of different vendors selling an array of items, a silent auction with amazing things to bid on, a HUGE used books/cd/dvd/blu-ray/video game table, games for the kids, lots of entertainment – including the fabulous Senior Jazz Band, and many other draws and surprises! The admission is by donation and we invite you all to come and be a part of a long running tradition of a wonderful family night!


Later on in February the Chamber Choir, in a concert of our community high schools, will host Chamber Choirs from Pt. Grey and Eric Hamber. This will be a fun evening of sharing music, as it always is, and will take place on Tuesday the 24th at 7pm.

Then after our Massed band concert on the 26th , which will involve all out elementary feeder schools as well as our grade 8 and 9 bands, it will be nearing the time for our big Senior trip! This year, on March 4th, our Chamber Choir, Sr String Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble will be boarding a plane and taking off to share our music with the people in the United Kingdom as we get set to go to London, Stratford, York, Derbyshire, Edinburgh, and Stirling – England and Scotland! What a tour that will be! We are all extremely excited and working hard to give a wonderful showing there! And, as always, there will be a farewell concert that will take place on Sunday March 1st at 1pm in our auditorium that will feature our performing groups.


So that takes us up through spring break! A very exciting time ahead and lots to look forward to. We hope to see you at one or more of our events and we thank you for your support of the Magee Music Department!



Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra

Magee Secondary School

6360 Maple Street

Vancouver BC Canada

V6M 4M2

Phone:    604 713 8200

Fax:         604 713 8209


Mr Haas' Band Page

Magee Music Department

Where Music LIVES!

Fundraising  Notes

Fundraising is just a part of the life here at Magee where we work hard to raise money to help our students have the absolute best experience that they possibly can without having to worry about how much it’s going to cost. So we have many opportunities for students to fundraise - many of which, the profits go directly into the student’s own account, while others go into scholarships or subsidies for tours.


Cheques should be made out to “Magee Music Society”


If you are wanting to get a table at the Market Fair to sell your goods, contact our music society to book now!









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Two methods of supporting us: Paper orders from a Music Student

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Ongoing Fundraising


· Magazine Subscription sales - go to www.qsp.ca and click “shop” then input the group number 3740610 and don’t forget to put in the student’s name you want the profit credits going to - if you don’t know a student at the school, it’s okay, just put in “Magee Music Society” into the name section


· Gift Cards - Many gift cards including supermarkets, restaurants, retail, gas, and services - a percentage going back to the students             

             If you’re going to buy food or gas, why not have a percentage come back to the students?


             Download the form here

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Music Notes

Next Magee Music Society Meeting:


Tuesday February 17th 7pm

In Magee Staffroom

All are welcome!


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Magee Chamber Choir CD’s

We have 4 wonderful CD’s for your listening pleasure! First our Premier CD Entitled “For the Beauty…”  our Christmas CD “Sing We Now of Christmas” and our second offering, an album of tranquility and peaceful reflection entitled “Alleluia”, and our most recent,

with our award winning choir on, “Illumina”

Illumina $15; all other cd’s are $10

Buy “Illumina”, get any one other titled Cd for $5

January– March Edition

Winter is still upon us, but we are looking forward to an incredible first half of spring! Lots of things coming up and we are very excited for it all! First we want to thank everyone who came to our Christmas events – it was a fabulous month of December with many concerts and you don’t know how much the students, your children, appreciate you being there. They may not always voice it to you, but they really do appreciate you supporting them simply by taking the time to be there and to enjoy their incredible hard work!

On to January events! On Thursday January 22nd, the Chamber Choir is extremely lucky to have Dr. Christopher Aspass from the world renounced choral school, St. Olaf’s Collage from Minnesota to come work with them for a couple hours after school. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the best. The following week, Thursday and Friday, we will be having retreats for the Evolution Choir and the String Orchestra. At the String Orchestra Retreat, we will be having the Yaletown String Quartet coming to work with them. It will be a fabulous two days of different groups bonding and getting their skill set sharpened!

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Own the premier CD by the Magee String Orchestra “Beyond Jupiter”
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Magee Market Fair

Friday, Feb 13