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Text Box: May 18 (Thurs)

St Pat’s Magee Concert
7pm @ St Pat’s Church
Main and 12th
Chamber Choir & Evolution

May 30 (Tue)

Jr Spring Concert
7Pm Magee Auditorium
Evolution, Concert Choir, Gr 8 Band, Gr 9 Band, Jr Jazz Band, Chamber Choir

June 1 (Thurs)

Sr. Spring Concert 
7pm -  Magee Auditorium
Symphonic Band, Strings, MSO, Sr Jazz Band, Chamber Choir, Wind Ensemble

June 5 (Monday)

Little Night Music Orchestra
7pm - Magee Auditorium
Wind Ensemble

June 16 (Fri)

Grad Ceremony

9:00pm arrival for all Chamber Choir at Large Gym

We also did some great community service as we sang at the Ryerson Senior’s Christmas Luncheon, we sang at a service at St. Stephen’s United Church, and we went on a mini tour and sang concerts at 4 local elementary schools.


We also sang our annual concerts with the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir and the Little Night Music Orchestra – both concerts were sold out and filled their venues to capacity. Wonderful music making throughout!


January is going to bring a couple of retreats for the Evolution Choir and the String Orchestra at the end of the month, but other than that, it’s just get back to work month and getting stuff prepared for our fabulous tour to CUBA in March!


February will bring our massively awesome annual Magee Market Fair which will take place from 5:30-9:30pm on Friday February 10th. Come out and partake in all the wonderful food vendors, our fabulous silent auction, the many games and activities, used book and cd/dvd/blu ray sale, cake walk, teacher sponge toss, and many more family fun time events!


Following that, the Chamber Choir will sing the ever popular Valentine’s Song Grams on Valentines day – a perennial favorite that is always sold out way before the event itself. Then a great retreat scheduled with our great friend, Richard Nace.


Then at the end of February Magee will host the 4th Annual Vancouver School Board District Chamber Festival. At this event Chamber Choirs from all across the city will converge and present to each other in a warm and supportive environment of musical sharing and love. The inspiring adjudicators this year are Dinah Helgeson and Graeme Langager and we are excited that the guest group will be the Phoenix Chamber Choir.


Then it will be March and prep for our tour will be well under way and our farewell concert will be on Sunday March 5th at 2pm at Magee. And one more concert with the Little Night Music Orchestra on the 6th at 7:00pm with the String Orchestra and the MSO. Then we are off on a plane to Cuba where we will be exchanging with both professional groups and school groups. Senior Jazz band will open at a jazz club, Chamber Choir and Strings will perform with a professional choir in a gorgeous church, we will visit 3 different schools that are arts and music based, and we will explore the rainforest and other unforgettable experiences.

After that we will for sure need a rest before our concerts and festivals in April! We hope to see you at the Magee Market Fair, if not before!


Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra

Magee Secondary School

6360 Maple Street

Vancouver BC Canada

V6M 4M2

Phone:    604 713 8200

Fax:         604 713 8209


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Magee Music Department

Where Music LIVES!

Fundraising  Notes

Fundraising is just a part of the life here at Magee where we work hard to raise money to help our students have the absolute best experience that they possibly can without having to worry about how much it’s going to cost. So we have many opportunities for students to fundraise - many of which, the profits go directly into the student’s own account, while others go into scholarships or subsidies for tours.


Cheques should be made out to “Magee Music Society”


If you are wanting to get a table at the Market Fair to sell your goods, contact our music society to book now!







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Two methods of supporting us: Paper orders from a Music Student

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Entertainment Books are going DIGITAL!!!


In September we will be running our Digital Entertainment book campaign where for only $20 you can get a full entertainment book to digitally put onto your smartphone to carry around with you wherever you go! Students in the music department will be selling these incredibly useful and money saving cards where you will simply download the Entertainment App, punch in the code from your card and you are ready to start saving! And the best thing is that the digital books expire ONE FULL YEAR anytime from card activation! Look for them from a Magee Music Student in September or email us by clicking HERE



Ongoing Fundraising


· Magazine Subscription sales - go to www.qsp.ca and click “shop” then input the group number 3740610 and don’t forget to put in the student’s name you want the profit credits going to - if you don’t know a student at the school, it’s okay, just put in “Magee Music Society” into the name section


· Gift Cards - Many gift cards including supermarkets, restaurants, retail, gas, and services - a percentage going back to the students             

             If you’re going to buy food or gas, why not have a percentage come back to the students? Everything from T&T to London Drugs, Walmart, Gas stations, Best Buy, Clothing, Restaurants, Movie Tickets & Spas just to name a few


             Email me HERE and I can send you the latest form

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Music Notes

Next Magee Music Society Meeting

7pm in

Teacher lunch room

by Gym:



February 22


Check out the Music Society website!


Magee Chamber Choir CD’s

We have 4 wonderful CD’s for your listening pleasure! First our Premier CD Entitled “For the Beauty…”  our Christmas CD “Sing We Now of Christmas” and our second offering, an album of tranquility and peaceful reflection entitled “Alleluia”, and our most recent,

with our award winning choir on, “Illumina”

 All  cd’s are $10


Early Spring 2017 Edition

January 5, 2017


Happy New Year! Welcome back! We are so excited for 2017 and the incredible things we have in store for you! This spring will be an unbelievably memorable year!


We hope that you had a great holiday and made some wonderful memories with friends and family. December was a fantastic month in terms of great concerts. We started the month with the Chamber Choir singing at the Learning Forward International Conference where they sung for over 3200 delegates, mostly superintendents and education ministers from all over the world. It was an incredible experience for us, the largest audience we had sung for, and to see a standing ovation from 3200 people is staggering.


The following day we had our annual Senior’s Tea. It was very well attended with about 80-90 senior citizens from around the community. Big thanks to Jackie Henderson who continues to be an integral part of this event years after her last child graduated, and of course a huge thanks to the Magee Music Society and Volunteer Club and Evolution Choir members who helped serve and made this event merry and bright!

The next two days were our Junior and Senior Christmas Concerts. As always, they were excellent with some great surprises including a visit from the Grinch and the inaugural performance of the newly formed Magee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) that wowed the audience with a medley of Cowboy movie songs and the Empire Strikes Back. The Sr. Jazz band was particularly vibrant as was Mekal McGowan’s solo on the holiday favorite “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

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Text Box: Magee String Orchestra CD!
Own the premier CD by the Magee String Orchestra “Beyond Jupiter”
For the low price of $15! All proceeds go to benefit the Magee Strings Department.

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Check out the updated calendar  for 2016-2017! Updated Sept 13

Click on the above picture to see the latest video from Marians Trench “Who do you love” with cameo by the Magee Chamber Choir!

Text Box: Come to the 
Final Year End Concerts

Junior night - May 31 @ 7pm

Senior Night - June 1 @ 7pm

Magee Auditorium 
Tickets still only $5

Doors open at 6:45pm