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Text Box: September 10

Section Leader Meeting
3-6 @ Choir room
All section leaders Ch/Ba/Str

October 1 (th)

Music Department Welcome
6:30-8:30pm @ Magee atrium
Chamber Choir & Sr. Jazz Band

October 2 (Fr)

Concert Choir Retreat
Shaughnessy Heights United Church 1550 W 33rd ave (just west of Granville)

October 14 (Wed)

Evolution Retreat
9-3pm @ St Stephen’s 
7025 Granville (at 54th)

October 15 (Thur)

String Orchestra Retreat
9-3pm @ St Stephen’s 
7025 Granville (at 54th)

October 16-18 (F-Su)

Sr Retreat to Whistler
Chamber Choir & Wind Ens

October 22-24 (Th-Sa)

Grade 9 Band Retreat to Whistler

November 3rd (Tu) 

Ryerson Fall Concert
7pm @ Ryerson United Church 2195 W 45th Ave
All Choirs, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra, Wind Ens

We started this year with our welcome night in October, where after only 2.5 weeks were able to pull off a mini concert with the Sr. Jazz band and the Chamber Choir, who astounded everyone with 6 memorized pieces in brilliant 4-8 part harmony. Then after we cancelled most of the retreats (except for the Chamber Choir retreat on a weekend), as we felt it more important for the students to attend classes, of which they had missed so many because of the strike, we had our first major concert at Ryerson United Church. This was a beautiful concert that was not only well attended, but also showed how far our senior groups had come in a short amount of time. We were so proud of the students and it really showed their commitment to creating beautiful quality music. November was a crazy month as we had festival after festival – two of which, the VSB Senior Concert Band Festival and the VSB Chamber Choir Festival were hosted by Magee.


Christmas Season is always especially busy for the Chamber Choir where in the span of 3 weeks were involved in 11 events, some were concerts with groups like the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir, others were workshops with Dr. Adam Con and Dr. Lee Willingham and others were community concerts for Ryerson United Church and St Stephen’s United Church and our annual Seniors Tea event. Needless to say we were ready for our winter vacation.

January we got right into it in preparation for our international tour to England and Scotland in March. After a series of 4 retreats spread amongst the Chamber Choirs and Orchestra and a workshop with Dr. Christopher Aspass from St Olaf’s College and our annual time with our dear friend Richard Nace, we had a very successful Magee Market Fair. It was with a great coming together of our Music Society heads and our section leaders and the participation of at least 70% of our music student body that we were able to host such a successful and well run event.

Then after a few “warm up concerts” prior to leaving, we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime as we took our music and our hearts to the United Kingdom where we not only sang and played in some outstanding venues that will most definitely stay in the hearts and mind of our students forever, but also we saw some magnificent sights, met some very interesting people and had a wonderful experience overall.


After our return from our tour, we had a couple of exchange concerts with various local schools and then our Chamber Choir and Evolution Choir sung in the Kiwanis Choral Festival, where the Chamber Choir was the only choir in their category recommended to represent the Vancouver Kiwanis Festival at the Provincial Festival where they were to compete against all the best choirs in BC. The Chamber Choir not only won the Provincial Festival, advancing them to the National Festival in August, but they also won a special award for “the Most Outstanding performance of all the adjudicated choirs”, an adjudicator choice award. This is the second year in a row that the Magee Chamber Choir has won both prestigious honours.


Following that, we had some more wonderful concerts: some exchange concerts with local schools, our annual collaboration with Tony Araujo and our good friends at St Patrick’s Regional School and of course our final concerts for our Jr groups and Sr. groups. Throughout the year we were also fortunate to share the stage with the Little Night Music Orchestra with Chamber Choir on one night, Wind Ensemble on another, and finally the String Orchestra on the last date in June.


Awards night and Grad were here and gone before we knew it and here we are at the end of the year with a bucket full of wonderful memories and great excitement and anticipation for the coming year. The groups are all auditioned, the choirs have their music to study for the summer, and we are so ready to get back at it in September and set the world on fire again. But until then, we would like to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful graduates who have made our lives better by teaching us and inspiring us as passing on the lessons they have learned over the years. We would like to say THANK YOU to our Magee Music Society and all the hard work they have put in to make our lives wonderful and especially to our two music society presidents who after many years of a go getting attitude the likes we’ve never seen before and an air of sophistication and grace in everything they do, are moving on with their graduating students. We would like to say THANK YOU to our engineer Bob who is retiring this year after 20+ years and thank you as well to Harold and his team of engineers that make the school run so smoothly and to the staff and administration, both local and at the board level, who support what we do, come out to events, and who recognize the value of music education and how it really makes everyone’s lives better (special shout out to Peggy Bochun, our extremely hard working district Fine Arts  coordinator). And finally to my teaching partner Chris Haas, who is the best teaching partner a guy could ask for. And until we meet again, I wish you all a very happy summer filled with joyous time with family and friends. Can’t wait for next year!



Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra

Magee Secondary School

Magee Secondary School

6360 Maple Street

Vancouver BC Canada

V6M 4M2

Phone:    604 713 8200

Fax:         604 713 8209


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Fundraising is just a part of the life here at Magee where we work hard to raise money to help our students have the absolute best experience that they possibly can without having to worry about how much it’s going to cost. So we have many opportunities for students to fundraise - many of which, the profits go directly into the student’s own account, while others go into scholarships or subsidies for tours.


Cheques should be made out to “Magee Music Society”


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Summer Edition

What an incredible year we have had. From rocky beginnings where we didn’t even know when we were going to start the school year to a fabulous tour to the United Kingdom to the Chamber Choir winning the Provincials. It has been a wild and exciting ride and we couldn’t be more proud of our students.


One thing that has always stuck clearly in our minds is that everywhere we went, people always commented on how well behaved the students were and what a joy it was to be around them. Not only that, but after they heard the quality of the music, were always so complimentary and always with disbelief that these were mere high school students creating such incredible music. We have a long standing tradition of musical excellence here at Magee and we are so proud of our students who are quite obviously carrying on that tradition, and not only carrying it on, but continually raising the bar.

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