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Text Box: Sept 8 (Thurs)

Section Leader Meeting
3-6pm @ choir room
All section leaders

Sept 29 (Th)

Concert Choir Retreat
9am-3pm @ Shaughnessy Heights United Church
Concert Choir

November came so quickly and all of a sudden it was the Ryerson Fall Concert. We had a fabulous first concert with all the groups performing so well for so early in the year. Special things happened at this concert including the string orchestra performance of the 1812 overture complete with cannon like booms and a world premier choral piece by the chamber choir of a piece I wrote for them this summer as well as the first performance of a very complicated clapping snapping crazy song, white winter hymnal, that became a favorite of the year for us.

Later in November the Remembrance day ceremonies went very well, invoking great imagery and provoking thought with the song choices. It was a very moving ceremony that reminded us that our freedom today came at a terrible price. Then we had a multitude of festivals which included our annual stringvitational at which we had 5 elementary schools strings programs represented, as well as a special performance by a Vancouver Academy of Music Quartet. We also hosted a very successful Chamber Choir Festival at which we had 9 schools and our guest adjudicators Dr Joel Tranquilla from Trinity Western University and Morna Edmundson from the fabulous women’s group Elektra graced us with their presence and provided us with valuable feedback. As a treat we had the Corpus Christi College Chamber Choir under the direction of our good friend Dr. Tony Araujo perform and bring everybody’s spirits up and inspire us all.

Our December was extremely successful and very busy. The Chamber Choir alone had 14 concerts not to mention the other concerts with Evolution Choir, Concert Choir, and the String Orchestra! Some of the most memorable concerts included singing with the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir at Shaughnessy Heights United Church and another concert with the Little Night Music Orchestra. We also did quite a bit of community building where we sang at a service at St Stephen’s and the Ryerson United Church Senior’s Luncheon, as well as our Senior’s tea at which approximately 100 seniors from all around the Magee area came to listen to some beautiful music and have some goodies and tea. Also, we were able to get to 4 elementary schools, Maple Grove, Jamieson, Osler, and David Lloyd George and sing a few short concerts for them too!


However one of the big highlights of our season actually came after school was let out where we had the good fortune and opportunity to sing on the Global TV Morning News all morning form 7-10am. We had a segment all to ourselves which can be seen by clicking here (Global TV Magee Broadcast) and we sang the ins and outs of the commercials – approximately 3 times an hour. It was a fabulous experience and one that we won’t soon forget. Thanks to Andrew Snalam, the director of the morning show, for contacting us and making this happen!

January started off with a bang as we had two concerts already in the second week of school. First we sang for the Grade 7 parent’s night and then we were invited to sing as the special guests at the Capilano University Chancellors Circle Dinner at which all their major donors attended. It was a fabulous evening and the Magee Chamber Choir wowed again and were very well received with a standing ovation. This was a very special concert for me as I am a Capilano University Alumni, graduating from their Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies in 1997.


Then we had a little break until our retreats at the end of the month, Evolution was on the 28th where we had the fabulous Janet Warren come work with us and the Strings retreat on the 29th where faculty of the Vancouver Academy of Music came. Then in mid February, the Chamber Choir had their annual retreat with Richard Nace where he not only came to work with us, but also on the afternoon of Saturday the 20th, we invited teachers from across the district and other friends to come and work with Rich free of charge and conduct and hopefully leave feeling recharged and with a few new ideas. We had about 9 teachers come and benefit from this workshop

The Magee Market Fair was stunning as always and filled to the brim with great memories and lots of happy people! Huge thanks to all the parents in the MMS who made this all happen.


We had a few more concerts before spring break including a concert with Point Grey and Eric Hamber on March 1st in our Auditorium at 7pm. Then 2 days after Spring Break we had a concert with Heritage Chamber Choir from Washington along with Burnaby Central and St Thomas More Collegiate and then had a Concert on April 5th with Mountain Secondary, North Surrey Secondary, and Lord Byng; Saturday the 9th both Evolution and the Chamber Choir participated in the Kiwanis Choral Festival at Bethany Baptist Church in Richmond; the 12th of April we had our Movie Extravaganza Concert in our Auditorium where the Concert Choir will sing selections from the Movies Amistad, the Lion King, and Star Wars. The other choirs performed that night as well including the Seraphim Ladies Choir and the Troubadours Men’s Choir as well as Chamber Choir and Evolution and the String Orchestra. It was an amazing night of music.


Our Senior tour this year was to Banff, Alberta from April 20-25 to participate in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Music Festival. This was a fantastic festival that has long been a great destination for hearing quality music. What was exciting is that the Chamber Choir had an evening showcase concert there where they sang a great set and inspired many. On the way up, we stopped in Kamloops where the Chamber Choir had a concert with the Kamloops District Honour Choir and Serious Options, an adult choral group that is made up of many of the music teachers and their friends. This was an unbelievable way to start off the tour as we had a packed house and our first standing ovation of the tour. Everywhere we went, we inspired as even in our adjudicated festival set, each of our 5 songs received standing ovations – and this never happens in a festival setting, I can assure you. Musically, this was one of the most fulfilling and satisfying tours as we not only performed well, but were treated to hearing fantastic groups and more importantly, just being surrounded by people with similar visions of creating excellence. The people there really “got it” and we were so appreciative of being able to be around those kinds of music people.


The Magee String Orchestra performed at the Queen Elizabeth Theater on May 18th along with many of the other elementary and secondary programs in Vancouver. This was a fabulous concert that saw 4 elementary string programs and 3 high school programs come together and create magic. It was an amazing send off, especially if it is to be the last of its kind as the cuts to the strings and band programs in the Vancouver school district have stunned us all.


Our Annual concert with St Patrick’s Chamber Choir with our friend Tony Araujo was supposed to be on May 12th at St Pat’s Church, however it was pushed back to June 7th and ended up being a simply stunning concert. One of the most incredible things was that we all learned a piece memorized with actions in 4-5 parts in under half an hour and performed it that night. It was unbelievable and a real testament to the musicianship of both choirs.


We hd a couple more performances left, awards assembly and grad, and also on June 21st, I was honoured by Capilano University as their 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient – this is an award that has been given to graduates from Capilano University whose expertise range from doing AIDS and Cancer Research, who are top entrepreneurs, famous playwrights and authors, and university professors and now one high school music teacher J At this awards ceremony the Chamber Choir performed for those in attendance and was met once again by their final standing ovation – what a way to finish the year!


It has been an incredible year – each year, unbelievably, seems to get better and better. I would like to thank the Magee Music Society and all its members for their unwavering support and love; our wonderful engineering staff, especially our head engineer Harold; our supportive administration and staff; and my wonderful teaching partner, Chris Haas. Thank you everyone for allowing us to create this glorious music and inspire students and, in turn, be inspired by them. I wish you all a restful and wonderful summer break. I can’t wait to get started in September and get ready for Cuba!


Yours most sincerely,


Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra

Magee Secondary School

6360 Maple Street

Vancouver BC Canada

V6M 4M2

Phone:    604 713 8200

Fax:         604 713 8209


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Summer 2016  Edition

June 29, 2016


Where does the time go? It is unbelievable to think that we are at this place again and although it seems like only yesterday we were going through this process, when I think back over the year and the incredible amounts of events that happened, it seems almost unthinkable that we could have crammed so much in one year!


Over the summer of 2015 we found out some wonderful news for our Choral Department: Our very own Magee Chamber Choir was ranked as the #1 Choir in BC (from the BC Provincial Festival, Performing Arts BC) and #3 Choir in Canada (from the National Festival, Federation of the Canadian Music Festivals) for 2014-2015. Also, our own I found out that I had been recognized by the Education Department of the University of British Columbia as one of their Education 100, as part of UBC’s centennial, to recognize their top 100 graduates who are making a difference in the community over the past 100 years http://educ.ubc.ca/alumni-supporters/year-of-alumni/educations-100/


The school year started off with a bang as we had a fantastic Music Department Welcome Night featuring the Chamber Choir, String Orchestra and Sr Jazz Band. This always great event was well attended and was a great introduction for people to meet the new co-presidents. Throughout October we had a slew of fantastic retreats for all choirs and the strings – having people such as the Yaletown String Quartet come to work with the students. Our annual retreat to Whistler was especially emotional as students really began to connect at a deeper level with themselves and each other.

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