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September 30 (Tu)


Music Dept Welcome Night Potluck


Magee Atrium

Bring one dish to feed 4 ppl


October 3 (Fri)


Concert Choir Retreat

9am - 3pm @ Shaughessey Heights United Church

(1550 33 Ave W - just west of Granville St)


October 8 (W)


String Orchestra Retreat

9am - 3pm @ St Stephen’s Church

7025 Granville St (at 54th)


October 9 (Th)


Evolution Retreat

9am - 3pm @ St Stephen’s Church

7025 Granville St (at 54th)


October 10-12 (F-Su)


Chamber Choir Retreat

Chamber Choir


November 4 (Tu)


Fall Concert @ Ryerson

7pm @ Ryerson United Church (Admiss by donation)

All Choirs, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra, Wind Ens

2195 45th Ave W  (at Yue)


January and February were work months again and we buckled down to learn some very challenging music. We had our second round of retreats at which we had many clinicians who came and worked with us to inspire us and make us better. People like our good friends Richard Nace, Gerry Van Wyck, and the Koerner Quartet came and created magic with our students. As always at our retreat with Rich Nace, we invited teachers from our district to come and, for free, have some professional development where they had the opportunity to work with our chamber choir and have Rich and I help them to improve.  It was also the time when the music department and Magee Music Society came together to put on another spectacular Market Fair. We had a great concert at the end of February with Eric Hamber and Point Grey Chamber Choirs, again building community with our neighbouring high schools who are doing excellent work. The Chamber choir also welcomed a choir from Cascade High School from Washington and exchanged with them in a wonderful sharing of music.




March was a month that I think every member of the Chamber Choir will never forget, as we, in conjunction with the BC Choral Federation, hosted the Finnish sensation Rajaton at Magee! We had a full day where we organized to have 6 lucky groups to have a clinic with Rajaton, as well as Magee’s of course! It was a blast and the member of Rajaton were so warm and genuine and just were so wonderful with each and every group. The highlight for us was that Rajaton performed in Magee’s Theater at which not only was Magee’s Chamber Choir lucky enough to be the opening act, but we also got to perform 2 songs with Rajaton! What an unbelievable memory that was made the weekend going into spring break!

We returned from our high that we got from Spring break and prepared for our short tour to Seattle where we exchanged with Bothell and Ballard high schools as well as with the University of Washington Singers, where we got a clinic with our good friend, Dr. Geoffrey Boers, and also with the singers at Central Washington University, where we enjoyed time with our good friend Vijay Singh and we met Dr. Gary Weidenaar and exchanged with his ensemble. Not only that but we attended fantastic performances by the Seattle Chorus and Symphony of Carmina Burana and an evening performance of the Tony Award Winning production of the Lion King. It was a short, but extremely packed and very fun tour. Once we returned from tour, there was no time to rest as on Monday we welcomed a choir and a band from Campbell Collegiate from Saskatchewan and our good friends Russ and Diedre Baird. It was a wonderful evening of music and a coming together of like-minded students who came together as strangers but left as friends. The next evening, we had a concert with choirs from Burnaby Central, St. Thomas More Collegiate, and North Surrey Secondary, again bringing groups together to further develop a sense of community within our choirs from beyond our city. Two evening later we had our Strings and Choirs Spring Concert where every choir had the opportunity to perform as well as the String Orchestra. It was a fantastic night, again highlighted by the Concert Choir who performed the O Fortuna from Carmina Burana with the String Orchestra. Then two days later, the Chamber Choir gave an unforgettable performance at the Vancouver Kiwanis Choral Festival where they walked away not only with winning the top honour in their class (school choirs under the age of 19) in the Festival, but also earned them a spot in the provincial festival. To top it off, they also won a special award for their performance at the festival as well. The Strings also had a treat as the organization known as CMITS (Classical Music in the Schools) brought in the Mt Seymour Strings to perform and inspire us.

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Summer Edition

November was fall concert month after we had done two strong months of getting a lot of great music in place. We kicked off November with the Chamber Choir being invited to sing in the first UBC Choral Invitational Festival at the Chan Center for the Performing Arts. There were approximately 8-10 groups throughout the day and it was a great first festival of the year to hear other groups and for them to hear us in a beautiful acoustic space. We then had our Ryerson Fall Concert where the Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra, Evolution Choir, Wind Ensemble, and Chamber Choir put on a menagerie of beautiful music. There were highlights within every ensemble and it was a magical night for everyone! Later on in the month, the String Orchestra hosted their annual “Stringvitational” concert at which we had groups from Jamieson, David Lloyd George, and Sexsmith Elementary Schools, as well as Eric Hamber Secondary and the Koerner Quartet as our special guest artists. It is always amazing to see every level of strings from Elementary through to what can be with a professional group. We did a similar concept the last week of November when Magee hosted the first annual VSB District Chamber Choir Festival. 10 groups performed from all across the city and it was a fantastic night! We had amazing adjudicators, Janet Warren and Gerry Van Wyck, who inspired with their words and every group performed strong repertoire and with confidence and beauty. We capped the night off with a special treat when we welcomed professional ensemble Stellaria who specialize in singing early music. It was an evening not to forget.

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We had a couple of weeks off in terms of concerts whilst many of our students were involved in the school musical, Footloose. Our next event was a sad one indeed as we celebrated the life of our dear friend Mr. John M. Trepp, whom we lost suddenly on March 5, 2014. Mr. Trepp, the former choral master at Magee, was a legendary choral educator whose influence extended across our country and into the US. He pioneered choral music in Vancouver and was such an important person in so many people’s lives. At a ceremony at Magee where people such as the legendary Phil Mattson, Dinah Helgeson, and Brent Ghigilione spoke great things about a wonderful man, the Chamber Choir presented their gift of music one last time to a friend of ours whom we spent some time with in October and who had a profound influence on my life. The following Monday, the Chamber Choir was invited to perform at the National Music Monday event at Science World where they were broadcast across Canada singing with Maestro Bramwell Tovey along with some other bands and choirs from across the lower mainland. The String Orchestra, the following week, wowed the audience at the Chan Center where they performed at the VSB Strings Evening where over 500 string students from elementary and secondary schools played for each other. It was a fantastic evening in a great space. Two days after that, the Chamber Choir once again joined St Patrick’s Regional School and our good friend Tony Araujo in our annual St Pat’s/Magee Concert in the St Pat’s Church. Again this continues to be a highlight of the year as both are exceptional choirs and the joint pieces that we always do brings together the best of the best in this city to create near sonic perfection. We also welcomed and exchanged with choirs from Kamiak High School, a school that we exchanged with in previous years and the Wind Ensemble exchanged with this year on our tour to Seattle. And amongst all that, the Magee Chamber Choir found time to record their fourth CD, entitled Illumina, which is a stunning example of what students are capable of and will be available early this summer. It is definitely a measuring stick for any high school choir to aspire to.


Then it was time for our Centennial Celebration, which was an absolutely magical evening at the Queen Elizabeth Theater where performances of all the groups where spectacular beyond belief. The organization of Patrick Roberge and his group was first rate and made the experience one to remember. The following day we had our celebration at the school and we had a lot of fun there which included a performance of a Nootka Paddle Song by Canadian artist Imant Raminsh.


Then, unbelievably, it was time for our final concerts. Both the Junior and Senior Spring Concerts were full of emotion and beauty as we forged ahead and did what we felt was the right thing to do, what we felt the students deserved, and we gave those students a proper send off and much appreciation for everything they had done and achieved through this year. They were both very special nights that will be long remembered by all in attendance. The Strings had one last concert with the Little Night Music Orchestra at which they played a 25 min rendition of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.


Throughout this brutal ending to a fantastic year, there has been one more piece of beautiful news and that is that not only did the Magee Chamber Choir win their category at the Provincial Festival to be ranked the number 1 choir in British Columbia, but they also received a special award for the most outstanding performance in all the choral classes at the Provincial Festival and they will be moving on to the National Festival which takes place in Kelowna BC this August. 3 years ago we came Second in Canada in Nova Scotia, and we are hoping to represent well at this year’s Nationals.


I would like to express my gratitude to the Magee Music Society for their constant support and love for the department. I would like to thank Harold Lal and his engineering staff for all the late nights and for always being there to help and to support us as well. Thank you to our Administration for allowing us to do what we do. And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank my partner, Chris Haas, for the amazing work that he does and for being the best musical partner that I could ever ask for. As we go into these summer months, I reflect upon this incredible year and the spectacular things that happened and memories that were made. I look forward with excitement to next year and our international trip to Scotland and England.


I wish you all a relaxing and fantastic summer filled with wonderful memories,


Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra

Magee Secondary School

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December was crazy month as always as the Chamber Choir had no less than 10 events within 3 weeks. Everything from singing for Church Services to the Retired teachers luncheon to performing concerts with the Little Night Music Orchestra and the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir, each performance left the audience with a warmth that comes with singing Christmas music. The Real Group’s “The World for Christmas” and Dan Forrest’s “Christmas Lullaby” were two pieces that really touched the hearts of a lot of people as many left with tears on their face and a good feeling in their hearts. One of the highlights of the Christmas concert was the 150 voice concert choir joining with the String Orchestra to perform the original version of the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah.

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The end of the year has come again far too fast as usual and despite everything that is going on, it has been one of the best years ever, both musically and as people coming together to create something beautiful.

We started the year off with the music society welcome night where the Jazz band played and the Chamber Choir sang. It was so clear right from the start listening to the Chamber Choir, that this was going to be an incredible year with this particular group and as we look back now, it lived up to the hype and beyond.

October brought a lot of hard work, getting things in place musically with a retreat for every choral group and the string orchestra. These retreats are so important to get the year started with the right frame of mind and to create that shared vision that will propel us through the year. We also had the pleasure of hosting the Canadian Chamber Choir on their western tour. We sang for each other and both groups were extremely impressed by the calibre of each other’s work. The CCC also played a vital role in introducing us to a piece of music by local composer Kristopher Fulton entitled Icarus, which would become one of our hallmark pieces throughout this year.

Congratulations Magee Chamber Choir

Provincial Champions & earning a special award for Most Outstanding Choral Performance across all Choral Categories at Provincial Festival!