The Science Club

Purpose: To encourage enrichment of thought and mind with scientific endeavors.
About: The Science Club was founded to provide a welcoming environment for students looking for extracurricular learning in the sciences. We are part of the Knowledge Society (containing the Science, Math, Exploration, and Debate club) which has events every day of the week. All clubs have similar purposes: to encourage intellectual development, critical, and subversive thought.



The sub-bodies of the Knowledge Society are interweaved. For example, Math Club lectures (teaching competition problems/concepts) is integrated into the peer lecture system, and lectures on logic and rationality are sometimes given on Debate club days.


The Science Club is highly independent by nature. We are composed of students who simply enjoy the learning and discovering process. Peer lectures give us a strong back-bone on which we can begin other projects. We need rooms nearly every day of the week, but other than that we can be very independent. However, teacher feedback and advice is greatly appreciated, especially for competitions.