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         In June of 2002, The Magee Wind Ensemble recorded a compact disc called: Song of the Mountain.  The recording featured selections performed by the group throughout the year.  It also featured a few tracks by the Magee Brass Quintet.

         The front cover was painted by Emily Wong, a grade 11 student who played baritone sax in the Wind Ensemble and Sr. Jazz Band.

         I am very fortunate that I work with enthusiastic young musicians that constantly inspire me to new heights. This cd project was the musical mountain the senior students and I decided to climb during the 2001-2002 school year. The journey had its challenges, but it was worth the effort. I would like to thank my students for their hard work and commitment to this project. We recorded these selections in two evenings before final exams started. We hope you enjoy it.

         The Magee Wind Ensemble is an auditioned group of grade 10-12 students from Magee Secondary School in Vancouver, Canada. The group rehearses approximately 3 hours a week during the school timetable. CDs may be purchased by calling the Music office at (604) 713 - 8200, Ext. 7146.


Short, Low-Quality Sample Tracks from the CD


1. Kirkpatrick Fanfare
2. Choral and Presto
3. Song of the High Cascades
4. Forget Me Not, O Dearest Lord
5. The Emerald Isle
6. Star Trek: Through the Generations
7. The Phantom Regiment
8. Conversation For Cornet
9. River of Life
English Folk Song Suite - R. V. Williams
10. March - "Seventeen Come Sunday"
11. Intermezzo - "My Bonny Boy"

Magee Brass Quintet

12. Non Nobis Domine
13. Fugue in E Flat
14. Cwm Rhondda
15. Carol of the Bells
16. God Save the Queen